Beautiful outdoor PVC fence construction

The outdoor PVC fence has good corrosion resistance, is not eroded by insects, and is convenient to install.
Style types are also diverse, and depending on the mix you can make your back garden more beautiful.
The product is also suitable for use in outdoor parks and communities to help improve the enjoyment and comfort of the community.

wpc diy decking

Park DIY Deck

DIY products are produced from raw wood and plastic materials. They do not contain toxic substances, dangerous chemicals, preservatives, etc., and will not cause air pollution and environmental pollution. They can be recycled and processed 100%.

wpc fence

Anti-moth fence

The addition of trace insect repellents to WPC fence products can keep insects away from products and solve the shortcomings of products susceptible to insect erosion. Unique materials can effectively improve the service life of products.

wpc wall panel

Outdoor Wall Panel

The wpc outdoor wallboard is produced by high-temperature extrusion, and the styles are diversified. It can also provide customized services for various patterns, increase the diversity of wall panels, and improve the aesthetic effect of the house.

synthetic teak boat decking

Synthetic Teak Decking

The synthetic teak deck is easy to use and simple to install. The appearance of the product is very similar to that of real teak products, and the synthetic teak deck has good anti-slip properties and a comfortable foot feels, providing safety while ensuring overall aesthetics.

wpc pergola

WPC Fireproof Pergola

The wpc pergola is made of eco-friendly materials, which will not cause environmental pollution, and the products have good corrosion resistance. You can plan the use of the pergola in the garden by installing different types of pergola to increase the aesthetic effect of the garden or community.

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pvc fence

PVC Fence

Compared to other solid wood type building materials, PVC products can withstand more physical damage and are less prone to cracking or corrosion. This makes the vinyl fence suitable for installation in a variety of extreme weather conditions.

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wpc solid decking

WPC Solid Decking

WPC solid flooring has good corrosion resistance, and the surface pattern can increase the anti-slip effect of the product. It can be used in place of hollow floor to save losses in an environment with a large flow of people.

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wpc hollow decking

WPC Hollow Decking

The function of the hollow floor is similar to that of the solid floor. By adopting a hollow product design, a large amount of production material can be saved, and the production cost is saved. However, such products are not suitable for use in areas with high traffic.

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Outdoor Fireproof Deck Wholesalers In Malaysia

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Shanghai Seven Trust Industrial Co., Ltd. is engaged in the research and development of plastic and wood synthetic products, the introduction of core technology, the improvement of raw material formula and production technology, the formation of various varieties, product structure system, outdoor deck, outdoor wallboard, DIY decorative flooring, fence and so on, which meet the needs of different customers.

Our company's main products are WPC outdoor flooring because of its high quality, solid wood quality, environmentally friendly products, etc. Seven Trust companies sell their WPC products in more than 100 countries and regions in the world, such as the United States, Britain, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, India, Germany, Spain, Finland, Australia, and so on.

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Latest Project Case

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Project In France

This is the decking project around a swimming pool in Jordan.
Decking type: QZ-02A, 150x25mm

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WPC Pergola In Dubai

Mr. Mashu found us when he was googling for “WPC pergola suppliers” and we had happy online chatting about our pergola materials.

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Decking In New Zealand

Now Mr. Dave Hill is also displaying the samples of our decking is his local ITM branch. We are proud to have Mr. Dave Hill be our agent in New Zealand.